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Lubricant Consult GmbH, founded in 1980, is a family-owned business that operates under the trademark LUBCON. As a full-service provider with extensive experience in wheel-rail applications, LUBCON assists with the selection of suitable lubricants and lubrication methods to increase safety and reduce wear and noise in rail traffic.

Rail transportation systems require innovative lubricants that are easily biodegradable and compliant with strict safety and environmental requirements. Wheel and rail life can be increased by using modern LUBCON lubricants as they reduce friction which causes high levels of noise and wear.

In close cooperation with vehicle and component manufacturers (OEM), vehicle and rail owners, operators and maintenance companies we have successfully developed lubricants which are resistant to water and oxidation and which exhibit excellent load and adhesion properties.

Products and services

Lubrication of rail, wheel and contact wire
In order to keep the traffic on rails rolling, lubricants have to resist to extreme weather conditions and high loads. Therefore, track lubricants must have very high water and lubricating-film resistance. Moreover, they must form a pressure resistant and an adhesive lubricating film on the surface.

Bogie - Lubrication
Components in the bogie are exposed to extreme loads and varying weather conditions which influence the life-cycle of every part. In order to reduce replacement and repair costs, lubricants have to be carefully selected. Your maintenance staff can rely on the expertise of LUBCON.

Vehicle Lubrication
The interplay of many components and their functionality are essential for smoothly running rail traffic. Brakes, door mechanisms and clutches have to work perfectly to ensure a safe transportation of passengers and goods. LUBCON is your appropriate partner for ecological and economical high-performance lubricants, which extend maintenance intervals.

Sintono Terra SK-RE Series

Sintono Terra SK-RE Series

High-performance lubricants, based on easily biodegradable synthetic ester oils with special selected thickeners. The greases reduce wear at critical contact surfaces of wheel and rail and improve their performance, even at high loads. The special greases are extremely adhesive and offer good temperature behaviour in all seasons.

Sintono Terra HLK Series

Sintono Terra HLK Series

These unique products are especially formulated friction modifiers that reduce considerably traffic noise, curve squeal and rail head loads, without negative influence on the traction or braking performance. The special pastes are based on synthetic oils as well as special, solid-containing high-performance additives, are thus easily biodegradable and highly effective against noise generation.

Grizzlygrease No. 3

Grizzlygrease No. 3

Lithium/Calcium complex-soap grease with high pressure stability. It offers extremely high load carrying capacity due to its special high-load additives (EP) and reduces significantly friction at the contact points. It is very corrosion and ageing resistant.


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