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About us

Since 1997 the name Wagemann has been a byword for professional realization of global supply and waste disposal solutions for railway transport providers. No matter whether fixed or mobile, interior cleaning machinery, media holders or boarding aids, all our appliances are approved by the German Railway Authority. That also applies to our own development WaVa (Wagemann Vakuum) which can be used in transit or in a fixed location.

Thus Wagemann provides the perfect blend of many years of expertise in consultancy and engineering for international, private and state-run transport organizations, system vendors and train manufacturers, as well as operators of infrastructure and depots.
One particular strength of Wagemann is that we integrate the construction and location-related circumstances of railway depots and service points with the greatest possible flexibility in our planning and realization.

Products and services

Armed with many years of experience, Wagemann develops appliances all over the world for supply and waste disposal, interior cleaning (IRA) and media holders. The appliances are consistently designed to be modular and remote monitoring can be added.  Our solutions enable both fixed and mobile use.  Compliance with the relevant stipulations of the German Railways Authority and the equivalent national and international regulatory bodies is a matter of course.

Keyfacts about WaVa (Wagemann-Vacuum) module

  • Self-sustaining and universally applicable
  • Customizable
  • User-friendly, low-maintenance system
  • Can be mounted on conventional carrier vehicles and trailers
  • A wide range of drive types available, also with “super quiet” generators
  • Waste water tanks in a range of different sizes, with optional activated carbon filter
  • Simple emptying of the GFK tank with the aid of rotation reversal
  • Fork-lift compatible tanks to practical forklift pockets.
Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Our mobile solution offers options for everyday use, it can be mounted on an electric platform truck. Power can be supplied from the electric platform truck by means of a battery or hydraulics. The system has been designed and built for a wide range of electric platform trucks. GFK tanks are available with loading capacity from 1,000 to 3,000 litres. For use in winter there is the option of insulated casing.

Fixed Solutions

Fixed Solutions

Our cabinet systems and T-Systems provide a user-friendly, which assures the stringent separation of drinking water from waste water suction. In compliance with the local requirements, all or some of the units are equipped with a vacuum system that removes waste water from the trains. An equipment facility with pump and controls can steer several satellite units and supply them with vacuum operation. Choppers, flow meters and an access system can be integrated as required.

Sewage evacuation and disposal systems

Sewage evacuation and disposal systems

Our cabinet or T-Systems solutions can be installed either as a single-point, or as a control unit with satellite units. Wagemann installed sytems with more than 120 units in Europe. Control of the cabinet or T-Systems linked to one another is centralized via the system. In the Wagemann units the supply of drinking water and suction of waste water are stringently separated.

News & Innovations

Turn-Key Project 

Turn-key project

In December 2016 a service point for the Niederrheinnetz was handed over to a private operator (EVU) in Emmerich. Together with partners, Wagemann-Systems GmbH created the entire IRA system as a 'turn key' project. Two T-systems with one integrated rotary pump each were installed in the service point. The tried and tested 'Börger' pumps were used as rotary pumps. The entire civil engineering, pipeline construction, electronics and systems for the supply and disposal of trains were combined into one lot and built in a responsibility.

By doing so, the customer had only one contact person and one responsible person. This approach minimized the interface for the customer and significantly reduced the tuning process. Also for this reason, the service point at the Niederrhein was built within a very short time.

Wagemann-Systems GmbH

Wagemann-Systems GmbH from Berlin has been designing and building a supply and disposal plant for railways since 1997. Wagemann-Systems GmbH builds indoor and outdoor systems using the proven supply and disposal cabinets, T modules and media cabinets.


Dachsberg 8
14193 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 28852773
Fax: +49 30 28851397

Klaus Jacobs
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