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Common Rail System ODYSSEUS

HEINZMANN's range of common rail includes both high-precision hydraulic key components as well as > EFI controllers.
All components are exclusively developed and manufactured in-house and ensure optimal connectivitiy and compatibility. Therefore, HEINZMANN solutions for sophisticated common rail technology work towards the fuel efficiency and emission reduction of combustion engines.

High-Pressure Pumps

The HDP-K series features a unique crank mechanism and excels with high efficiency and long endurance.
Their robustness makes them suitable for the demanding needs of industrial environments. Designed to minimize wear effects on pump elements and plungers, HDP-K high-pressure pumps guaranty efficient operation and long TBO periods.

Solenoid-controlled Fuel Injectors

The new ICR-DS fuel injector generation features a static leak free design. Fuel backflow could be reduced by 75% compared to conventional leakage afflicted common rail injector designs. Furthermore, peak pressures inside ICR-DS injectors were diminished by 25% through the integration of an accumulation volume (rail volume). As a result, a smooth fuel flow can be achieved, which is of highest importance especially for heavy fuel oil (HFO) operation.

Exhibitor: Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG

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