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PEGASOS Traction Control Systems

HEINZMANN control systems for rail traction engines are characterised by high precision and long-term stability. For every application project, they provide specific control, protection and monitoring functionality. The compact, robustly designed hardware components are tailored to suit the harsh environments of the power car. For diesel-electric drives, both speed and load control for the on-board generator (AD and DC) are combined - ensuring maximum traction efficiency with variable excitation control. Systems operate in installations worldwide, chosen by leading locomotive manufacturers for retrofitting of diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic locomotives.

PEGASOS Traction Control Features:
- Various start fuel adjustments
- Speed setpoint via digital notches, CAN bus or current/voltage signals
- Speed and excitation ramping functions to assure a smooth reaction
- Various PID setting functions to optimize the dynamic at each operation point
- Various limitations (e.g. depending on boost pressure, speed)
- Extended engine monitoring functions with safety actions
- Engine protection functions

The HEINZMANN PEGASOS solution is available for conventional fuel injection as well as electronic fuel injection (EFI) systems in connection with a complete common rail solution, PPN or PNU. A range of selectable speed setting modes makes the PEGASOS eligible for many different engine control systems. PEGASOS offers an universal retrofit system for locomotives with hydraulic governors as well as for OEMs. It is suitable for almost every locomotive type.

Exhibitor: Heinzmann GmbH & Co. KG

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