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Flaig + Hommel GmbH Verbindungselemente

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درباره ما

Manufacturer of

  • Cold forged parts
  • fasteners
  • Patented FS®-all-steel locking-Nuts
  • Screw Plugs
  • designed fasteners solutions
  • Turned and milled parts

Flaig + Hommel GmbH is an innovative company with a long-standing tradition in the cold forming sector. Our main focus is the fastening technology. Our headquarters are in Aldingen, Germany, where we manufacture complex cold formed parts as well as nuts, screw plugs and machined parts. The patented FS All-Steel Lock-Nut has been developed with extreme applications regarding temperature, vibration and environment in mind.

محصولات و خدمات

  • Fasteners / Cold forging parts
  • All-Steel locking Technology
  • Innovativley developed Parts
  • Lock-Nuts

تماس ها

Flaig + Hommel GmbH Verbindungselemente
Heerstr. 1
78554 Aldingen

تلفن: +49 7424 9620
فکس: +49 7424 96258

Andreas Sacharow
Key Account Manager
تلفن: +49 7424 962641

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