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Since 1927, HOPPECKE have been developing and producing energy storage systems to German Quality Standard with the claim of standard quality worldwide. 

Our comprehensive range of storage batteries is complemented by the very latest charging methods and monitoring units to form complete systems. With this systems approach it is our aim, as a value-based, independent family enterprise, to continue our growth in the market for industrial battery systems.

The growing use of regenerative energy and the switch to emission-free drives increase the importance of rechargeable energy stores. HOPPECKE are developing marketable concepts for the future, thereby making an important contribution to solving some of the challenges faced by modern society in its efforts to combat global warming.

POWER FROM INNOVATION…This is our motto. 

"How can we offer our customers even better solutions and even more intelligent systems ?"

This is the question which drives us forward. 

محصولات و خدمات

  • Energy solutions for railway and underground systems (rolling stock)
    HOPPECKE is your business partner for efficient railway battery systems ready to meet the demands of the future, today
  • Signaling systems (Rail)
    Batteries are used for saving the power supply of railway barrier systems, railway control centers, signaling systems
  • IT / Telecommunications
    Batteries as back up batteries for saving the operability of the telecommunications equipment
  • Power plant
    Batteries as power supply for producers and distributors of electricity (power utilities)
  • Security/emergency lighting and industrial batteries
    Batteries for safety power supply in plant constructions
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
    Batteries used in uninterruptible power supply systems
  • Renewable Energy
    Energy storage systems, optimized for the field of renewable energy applications.
  • Industrial trucks
    Batteries for supplying of operating resources for load transport and storage systems in daily charge and discharge operation
Lithium Traction Batterysystem 666V 126Ah

Lithium Traction Batterysystem 666V 126Ah

Hoppecke has supplied Gmeinder locomotives with lithium ion battery. The battery system is mounted in a rack system with three containers. The cooling / heating of the battery is done by an external climatic control. In case of venting of cells the exiting gases are cleaned and non-toxic. the continues power of the battery system is 300 kW, but the system is able to deliver power peaks up to 1 MW for several minutes.

NiCd Traction Batterysystem 624V 175 Ah

NiCd Traction Batterysystem 624V 175 Ah

Using a new 1,000 HP plug-in hybrid shunting locomotive in daily operations at productions plants has many advantages. The new locomotive runs without any emissions inside the plant buildings and can operate for up to two hours at a time in purely electric mode. The Hoppecke battery is plugged in during breaks for recharging with CO2 free electricity, or is supported while in motion by a diesel engine.
So far 35 of these locomotives running in Germany.

Lithium Traction Batterysystem 666V 210Ah

Lithium Traction Batterysystem 666V 210Ah

The battery system for the ECOTRAIN is implemented in the traction frame of the train. It is cooled by a separate cooling / heating system, specially designed for the ECOTRAIN.

The prototype of the train will be used for approval of the train by EBA (german railway regulation office).

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HOPPECKE Batterie Systeme GmbH
Bontkirchener Str. 1
59929 Brilon

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فکس: +49 2963 611452

Hans-Peter Czernietzki
Sales Director Rail
تلفن: +49 151 12105318

Hamand Niroo Gosil Co.
No.51, Nahid ST, Mirzaye Shirazi Ave.
Tehran Postal Code 1595757411

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