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The PFISTERER Group, which also includes LAPP Insulators, is an independent full-service solution provider for railway electrification and the world’s leading specialist equipment and system supplier in the energy infrastructure industry. 

Around 2,700 employees develop, produce and distribute components and complete solutions for the particularly sensitive interfaces in modern energy networks. With a complete range of products and services, the PFISTERER Group provides customised solutions for the complete transmission chain from low and medium to high and ultra-high voltage. Everything from a single source. Worldwide. For our customers, that means: the best possible solutions for all their requirements – now and in the future.

محصولات و خدمات

Railway Infrastructure
Competent Solutions for Electric Railways and Tramways

  • Overhead line construction
  • Tensioning
  • Insulation technology
  • Power supply
  • Safety equipment


TENSOREX C+ is a spring-based tensioning system for overhead lines on electric railways and tramways. It ensures that cables and wires remain at a constant height under tension. The necessary tensioning force is generated by the patented interaction between a spiral spring and a cam with variable radius – concrete and steel weights are not needed.

Earthing Branch Terminal RSC-T

Earthing Branch Terminal RSC-T

PFISTERER has developed a simple solution in the shape of the RSC-T, which saves a lot of time in comparison with established practice. The
earthing branch terminal can be integrated directly into an existing system – and cuts installation time by up to 50%.

Insulation Technology

Insulation Technology

Composite Insulators and Porcelain Insulators for all railway applications.

اخبار و نوآوری ها

Adjustable cantilever 

The adjustable cantilever from PFISTERER.
Extendable telescopic rods facilitate fast adjustment for catenary construction.

  • Pull-out telescopic rods
  • Supplied ready-to-install
  • Fast fitting
  • Reduced warehousing

تماس ها

PFISTERER Kontaktsysteme GmbH
Rosenstr. 44
73650 Winterbach

تلفن: +49 7181 70050
فکس: +49 7181 7005565

No. 16, 4th Alley, Pakistan St., Beheshti Ave.
1531633911 Tehran

تلفن: +98 21 8873039288736309
فکس: +98 21 88735685

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